Best MicroSD Cards for the Galaxy Note 7

Best MicroSD Cards for the Galaxy Note 7

Published on: 26-09-2016 | by Misty in Samsung, Galaxy Note 7, Samsung Galaxy Note 7

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After removing the option to add a microSD card to the Galaxy Note 5 and S6, which frustrated buyers, Samsung listened to customer complaints and returned it for the Galaxy Note 7. Now that users have the option, here’s a collection of some of the fastest and best microSD cards for the Galaxy Note 7.

New Galaxy Note 7 Features

This year the Note received a lot of upgrades, even if the design remains similar. It has double the storage with 64GB to fill with apps, games, music, movies and recorded 4k video. Not to mention water-resistance, a microSD slot, better camera, bigger battery and improved security. There’s a lot to like.

Even though Samsung is giving out a free 256GB microSD card to early adopters who buy it within the first few weeks, millions of users will need and want to get a microSD card. With tons of different sizes, speeds, brands and more there’s a lot to consider, and below we’ll share out suggestions for some of the best choices for Note 7 owners.

Why Use a MicroSD Card?

A microSD card is a little chip smaller than a dime, which goes inside the phone using the removable tray on the top. The same slot that houses the SIM cards for your network has a space for the microSD. Using the SIM slot removal tool that comes in the box owners can remove the SIM tray, put a microSD card next to it and slide it back in – instantly doubling the Note 7 to 128GB for a low price.

In fact, we can add a 128GB microSD card to the Note 7 in a matter of seconds, giving it far more storage than any iPhone. It’s a feature millions of users love, so let’s take advantage of it.

As many of you probably know, microSD cards have really come down in price over the past couple of years, all while sizes have increased to huge limits. There are now 256GB microSD cards readily available, and even 64GB options are as cheap as ever before. It’s worth noting that typical stores are not where you want to buy one, as they are extremely overpriced. Carrier stores like AT&T or T-Mobile, and even Best Buy are all a no-no. That said, Best Buy has good deals on occasion, and will price match Amazon and others if you’re looking to get one today.

Our recommendation for most average users would be a 64GB card, but power users may want to jump at something even bigger. With that all said, below is a collection of some of the best microSD cards for the Galaxy Note 7 – best in terms of price, speed, performance and more.

Samsung 64GB EVO+ Class 10

First things first, only buy a microSD card that is a "Class 10" or says "UHS-1" if you want the best performance. UHS stands for "Ultra High Speed" and Class 10 is visualized by a small circle with a 10 printed inside it right on the card. Our image above shows the "U" branding for UHS-1.

You can find a better, faster, and higher storage limit card for the same price (or less) at sites like Amazon or Fry's Electronics, than if you go to a carrier store. Don't rush, and choose something from our list.

First up should probably be the Samsung 64GB EVO+ Class 10 card. It's made by Samsung and goes perfectly with the Note 7, not too big and not too small, has some fast speeds for excellent performance while taking photos, recording video, or playing games that are installed on the SD card. And most importantly, it's cheap. This is a great way to double storage without breaking the bank.

Crazy enough, a high-speed Samsung 64GB microSD card can be found for under $20 on sites like Amazon, which are often over $50 at retail stores.

SanDisk Ultra 200GB

Personally the best all-around choice for the Galaxy Note 7 or any smartphone would be the SanDisk Ultra 200GB, in my opinion. This card is perfect for those after tons of storage with great performance. It's ideal for video recording thanks to 90 MB/s speeds, and can be filled with music, HD movies, games and other content.

SanDisk has been a staple in the industry for a long time, and this is no exception. Not to mention this crazy expensive card was announced last year, but can now be found for as low as $79. Yeah, the same price as 64GB cards at retail stores. So yes, buy it online or get Best Buy to price-match.

SanDisk Extreme 32GB

For those looking for a blazing fast card but don't need tons of space, the SanDisk Extreme 32GB is a great choice. It's cheap, fast, and perfect for HD video or Android devices. We'd recommend going for something bigger, but this will give the Note 7 a total of 96GB of space for less than $15. It comes with an adapter for a computer too.

The SanDisk Extreme supports blazing fast speeds with not only 90 MB/s transfer speeds, but also 40 MB/s capture speeds for 4K video and more. This is a good little card, although other 32GB chips can be found for $10.

Samsung 256GB EVO+ MicroSD

Those who ordered the Note 7 before August 28th received a free 256GB microSD card, which is a pretty amazing deal being offered by Samsung. However, everyone else that wants that same insane amount of storage, will need to buy this card.

Personally the SanDisk 200GB Ultra is a better deal, but if you absolutely need the full 256GB you'll have to pay for it. This card offers insane speeds of 90 MB/s in both read and write, not to mention more space than you'll probably ever need. It's pretty impressive this much storage fits in something smaller than a dime.

Business users or those who want to bring an entire movie collection everywhere will want this 256GB microSD card for the Note 7.

64GB PNY Elite U3 MicroSD Card

The PNY Elite (or Turbo) U3 lineup is another great choice. These offer some of the best durability and reliability on the market able to survive the toughest of environments, and come with a lifetime warranty. Everything from getting wet along with the water resistant Note 7, to anything else you can imagine.

The PNY Elite also comes in with blazing fast Class 10, U3 speeds for the best performance for gaming, video recording and more. It tops out at 90 MB/s for those who need it. The PNY Turbo lineup is sometimes a few dollars less, but this is still a cheap card with a lot to love.

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